NEW slide set: The value of biomarkers and MRI in the diagnosis of prostate cancer (update February 2018)

Biomarkers and mp-MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis: friends or foes?

Biomarkers and MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis

Where do biomarkers and mp-MRI fit in the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway?

Thanks to recent and rapid advances in MRI technology, mp-MRI has become increasingly important; not only to guide prostate biopsies but also to detect clinically significant prostate cancer.

The new generation biomarker tests on the other hand show great value in identifying men at risk for clinically significant prostate cancer.


Are mp-MRI and biomarkers competitors or complimentary?

A number of studies investigated the diagnostic value of both biomarkers and mp-MRI separately or in comparison. Because of varying results and methodological differences, it is difficult to draw firm conclusions. To know if they are true competitors, there have to be large prospective multi-center head-to-head studies that directly compare the diagnostic value of biomarkers with mp-MRI by using the same standard. Unfortunately, at the moment, data are lacking.

If they are not competitors, could they be complimentary? Both biomarkers and mp-MRI have their strengths and weaknesses. When you combine both of them, merging their strengths, you can get a powerful diagnostic tandem.


How can we combine these strengths in clinical practice?

A possible solution could be a two-step triage approach:

  1. Use biomarkers to identify men with a high risk of clinically significant cancer
  2. Use mp-MRI to localise the tumour and perform a MRI-targeted biopsy


What would be the result?

- Reduce overdiagnosis of clinically insignificant prostate cancer

- Decrease the number of unnecessary biopsies

- Increase the detection rate of clinically significant cancer


Want to explore more?

This state of the art slide set gives you a concise overview of clinical studies that compared biomarkers with mp-MRI or used them together for diagnosing prostate cancer.


The advantages of this slide set?

  1. All essential information in 1 overview
  2. Objective information peer-reviewed by the editorial board
  3. Can be adapted to insert in your own presentations
  4. Up-to-date with latest information


MRI slideset


Editor comment

This slide set provides clinicians with detailed up-to-date information on the potential role of mp-MRI and biomarkers in the selection of prostate biopsy candidates and represents a useful tool in the everyday clinical practice.

Photo Dr. Giorgio Gandaglia
Dr. Giorgio Gandaglia
Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy

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