Casting a glance on the perceptions on diagnostic prostate biomarkers - Prof. Nicolaas Lumen

Prof. Nicolaas Lumen

(28 June 2017)


A survey about diagnostic biomarkers in prostate cancer has been sent around to 6,000 contacts in (oncological) urology from all over the world, asking them about their knowledge, perceptions and use of such biomarkers.

The results of the survey show that the clinical data of the utility of diagnostic biomarkers in practice are not well known, and vary according to how long the biomarker has been available on the market.

In line with this observation, the usage of diagnostic biomarkers in the initial and also in the repeat biopsy setting is still limited nowadays. [However, the vast majority of specialists would recommend a biomarker test that has a 98% negative predictive value for clinically significant cancers.]

The latter and main results of this survey are discussed in the presentation of Prof. Nicolaas Lumen at PROSCA 2017.

Photo - Prof. Nicolaas Lumen
Prof. Nicolaas Lumen
Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium

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