How does multiparametric MRI compare to biomarkers for identifying patients for prostate biopsy?

Dr. Stacy Loeb

(28 June 2017)


Biomarker tests and MRI are complimentary as non-invasive testing options that can be used to help us decide who needs a biopsy and also help to target the biopsy. MRI and biomarkers can be combined to determine the risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer. If this risk is low, the patient avoids a (repeat) biopsy. The result of a biomarker test will only tell you the likelihood of having clinically significant cancer but will not give information about the location. MRI can then be used for localisation of prostate cancer.

The combination of MRI and biomarkers is really powerful

Photo - Dr. Stacy Loeb
Dr. Stacy Loeb
New York University Langone Medical Center, New York, USA

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