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Are you a healthcare professional in one of the EMEA countries listed in the form underneath? MDxHealth kindly offers you a free SelectMDx test kit to try in your own practice.

This test:

  • Is non-invasive
  • Will give you an indication of your patient’s risk of (high-grade) prostate cancer
  • Will help you find significant prostate cancer

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Store test at room temperature

The SelectMDx test kit can be used at any time (but should be used within 90 days if for free)

Collect urine sample

Thoroughly follow the instructions to collect the urine sample using the UrNCollect (funnel + tube)

Send sample for processing

The sample should be shipped to MDxHealth at room temperature as soon as possible by using the provided shipping material

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Within 7 days after receipt of the sample at MDxHealth, you will get an email with the report in pdf format

Practical steps to take

  • Conduct a DRE
  • Unpack UrNCollect Funnel and Tube from the SelectMDx Urine Collection kit and place the UrNCollect Tube on a flat surface
  • Unscrew the cap from the UrNCollect Tube containing specimen preservative. Do not throw away the cap
  • Holding the UrNCollect Funnel upright, screw on the UrNCollect Tube ensuring that it is firmly attached [1]
  • Let the patient urinate into the UrNCollect Funnel
    • Pointing the spout of the device towards the toilet or urinal
    • Until the bladder is completely emptied
  • Unscrew the UrNCollect Tube from the Funnel. Gently tap the floater against the inside of the UrNCollect Tube to dislodge excess specimen
  • Dispose the UrNCollect Funnel (not into toilet/urinal)
  • Firmly screw the cap back onto the UrNCollect Tube and invert the Tube 5 times to mix the contents [2]
  • Place 1 barcode label on the UrNCollect Tube and 1 barcode label on the Test Requisition Form
  • Fill in Test Requisition Form
  • Place the UrNCollect Tube into the Rigid Safety bag and seal
  • Place sealed Rigid Safetybag with the Test Requisition Form in the SelectMDx Urine Collection kit
  • Ship the box at ambient temperature as soon as possible after collection (it must reach the laboratory of MDxHealth BV within 5 days of collection). Follow the instructions in the SelectMDx Urine Collection kit
1 step1 2 step2

User instructions

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