Case John

69 years old, used to work as a lab technician.

He is referred to you by his GP following a routine check-up that revealed a PSA of 29.9 ng/mL. He has not been biopsied before.

At your practice, 1 month later, a PSA of 30 ng/mL is measured.

A DRE is performed and it looks like a large prostate, possibly cT2. His prostate volume is 83 mL (measured by MRI) and the PSA density is 0.36 ng/mL².

MRI further shows an image that suggests prostatitis but focal low-grade prostate carcinoma cannot be excluded (PI-RADS 2).

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This case is real and the patient had additional diagnostic tests*

* EAU guidelines recommend (LE 3, GR C) to offer additional diagnostic tests to asymptomatic men with a PSA 2-10 ng/mL prior to performing a prostate biopsy. Use one of the following tools: risk-calculator, serum or urine-based test or imaging

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